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If you are looking to make your eyelashes look longer without the aid of eyelash extensions, or make your eyebrows look less sparse, the LiLash website may be of interest to you. They sell eyelash and eyebrow growth products. In their online shop you will find the following two products:

LiLash is a product you apply along your eyelid, like liquid eyeliner and it encourages the growth of longer eyelashes. You are initially recommended to use the product for 8-12 weeks to get your lashes to a desired length. From here it is suggested that you use the product twice weekly for maintenance. This means one tube will last around six months.

LiBrow is a product you apply to patchy areas of your eyebrow to encourage growth in these areas. This product also gently tints your brows a slightly darker shade. It is recommended that you apply this product daily. One tube will therefore last around 4 months or so.

LiLash: What makes it different?
  • LiLash receives reviews that it actually works

There are lots of eyelash and brow growth products on the market, but not all receive positive feedback when it comes to whether they work or not. LiLash does receive good feedback that it works. Check out some of the comments in the customer reviews and feedback section below.

  • LiLash is not tested on animals

 LiLash states on their website that their products are not tested on animals.

  • LiLash offers a 90 day money back guarantee

LiLash offer a money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work for you. This is very useful because some people find eyelash growth products too irritating to continue with. With this product you can return it within 90 days and get your money back.

  • LiLash ships internationally

LiLash ships worldwide using USPS Priority shipping. Many US based companies do not ship outside the US, but this product is available to customers all over the globe.

LiLash vs. primary competitors (sites similar to LiLash)


RevitaLash is also a direct supplier of lash and brow growth serums. Let’s take a look at their pros and cons in comparison to LiLash.


  • They offer more lash growth products than LiLash. For example, besides their growth serum they also sell mascara and volumizing primer.
  • Their website has lots of product information and a really useful FAQ list.
  • They also don’t test on animals.


  • Their lash growth product doesn’t get quite as good a reviews as LiLash does. For example on makeupAlley they only get a 4.1 rating versus LiLash’s 4.3.  In addition only 77% of people say they would buy RevitaLash again, versus 82% For LiLash.
  • Their site doesn’t appear to ship to international customers directly. You are directed to locate an international distributor.
  • They don’t offer a 90 day money back guarantee like LiLash. is not a dedicated lash growth serum site, but they do sell many lash growth serum products. For example, at the time of searching they had Mavala Switzerland double lash, RevitaLash and Revita EPS eyelash growth stimulator in stock.


  • They sell well-known brand name lash growth serums.
  • Their lash growth serums are sold at a discount to the recommended retail price.
  • They offer free shipping to most locations worldwide.


  • They don’t sell all brands of lash growth serum, or Lilash.
  • They don’t always offer much of a discount on eyelash growth serum products, sometimes it’s only about 2%.
  • Their website doesn’t provide much in the way of product information. It is basically just a site showing the product and price.
LiLash: Pricing & packages

When it comes to price LiLash is one of the more top end products available on the market; however unlike many of the cheaper products it has a reputation of actually working. The following is a guide to LiLash prices.

LiLash prices:

  • LiLash purified eyelash serum $139.97
  • LiBrow purified eyebrow serum $139.97

In comparison to RevitaLash, LiLash is in the same sort of price bracket. When it comes to the eyelash growth product LiLash works out to be cheaper across the span of 6 months.

RevitaLash prices:

  • RevitaLash advanced eyelash conditioner 3 month supply $98, 6 month $150
  • RevitaBrow $110

In comparison to StrawberryNET, LiLash generally has more expensive prices. However StrawberryNET doesn’t always sell the brands that get the top reviews when it comes to lash growth serums. They do however sell RevitaLash for a small discount.

StrawberryNET prices:

  • Revita EPS eyelash growth stimulator-around $50
  • RevitaLash-a little over $140
  • Mavala Switzerland double lash around $20
LiLash: Product images & screenshots
LiLash Coupons
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LiLash: Customer reviews & comments

Overall LiLash gets good customer reviews. At the independent review site MakeupAlley LiLash gets a 4.3 out of 5. At the time of checking this was for over 100 reviews. In addition 82% of people said they would buy again. Let’s take a look at some customer comments

jrithkopf says:

“I've used Lilash, loved it (!) as it made my lashes very noticeably longer (not thicker,), but after some time, I balked at the price and used Latiise. Latisse did not compare at all to Lilash, however, and even my stylist noticed the difference in the length of my then unimpressive lashes. I switched back to Lilash and my lashes grew long again immediately. I've even had to trim them, and when I wear mascara (just blinc,) people think I'm wearing false lashes.”

Reecy says:

“I've been using this on and off since 2009 and it does work. For me though it took a solid 8 weeks before I saw any difference…It is extremely irritating, it leaves a red mark along your lashline and can make the whites of your eyes quite bloodshot the next day. Despite its side effects, the ridiculous price and the patience needed I've given it 5 out of 5 because it truely works. My lashes are naturally short, straight and stubby, but this has given me amazing length and curl I've never had before.”

Jennyttran2002 says:

“I use both the Lilash and Librow and they both work wonders!! My eyelashes grew long enough to touch almost my eyebrows! I stopped using it because it started to make it uncomfortable for me to wear glasses but this stuff really works! it's pricy but a little goes a long way. Just remember to be patient and and give it some time to grow you won't be disappointed.”

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